Shipping Service For Wheels And Rims

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Selling car wheels, tires or rims online has never been easier. Due to their weight and their bulky dimensions the shipping of those items turns out to be unequaly more complicated. Not every logistics company accepts those items for shipping. If it does, additional fees are unavoidable. After the customer has finally found an adequate logistics company, said company often makes special demands for the packaging. The purchasing of that packaging and padding material is often tedious, long-winded and expensive.


YURA offers an adequate overall solution.


Easy, fast and transparent.

We pack, pad and ship your car wheels, complete tires or rims.


Our conditions

  1. The  item needs to be deliverd personally at our company adress.
  2. The total weight of the package including the packaging material mustn't exceed 31,5 kg.


The cleaning of the items is not part of YURA's service, but can be arranged for a smal fee.

YURA assumes no liability for damages like rubbing spots, which occure during the shipping.


In case of questions and uncertainties our support competent support team will gladly help you via e-mail or via telephone.



You can find our current shipping terms in our online-store.


Your benefit

Fast and low priced shipping of car wheels, tires or rims with transparent conditions and fair prices.

Secure Shipping starts with quality packaging


The Car wheels, tires and car rims are packed and padded according to their dimension in solid, doublelayered shipping boxes with fitting padding material.


More information about purchasing our shipping boxes you can find here.

1) A car rim before packaging
2) A car wheel before packaging

Caution during shipping of rims


Quality rims with a nice design are often pricy.  It is all the more annoying, if the rims are beeing damaged even before the first ride due to insufficient packaging.







For this reason YURA puts emphasis on the padding of car rims. Beside of the regular preparations, car rims receive additional padding along each rim edge through thick foam tubes.







The foam provides protection during shocks in radial and axial direction.

3) A detail imag of the foam tube
5) A padded rim edge (front)
7) Radial and axial protection
4) Padding the rim edge
6) A rim with both edges padded
8) A padded rim

Protection from all sides



As a protection measure against rubbing, the front side of the car wheel or car rim is covered with a soft  foam foil. That prevents unaesthetic rubbing spots during the shipping.


This procedure ensures the car wheels or rims to arrive at their destination in the same condition, in which they have been sent off.




Pads made of cardboard at all sides are fastening  the item inside the box.


Afterwards the box's corners are cut up to the required height and the  sides are folded along the folding creasings to additionally ensure a firm positioning inside the box. That prevents the item from sliding inside the box.





Finally the box is closed and sealed with plenty adhesive tape.

9) Protection of the front side of a car wheel
11) Fastening of a rim with cardboard pads
13) Closing the box
10) Protection of the frontside of a car rim
12) Cutting the box's corners
14) A professionally packed item

Your product in good hands


Every single car wheel, tire or car rim is treated after the same standards, after which we pack, pad and ship our own products.


Benefit from our experience and our service for a fair price!


Price for Packing, Padding and Shipping inside of Germany:

(Other shipping destinations and countries on request)

The total price  is including 19%  tax.



Please  consider that for the shipping to an island inside of Germany additional fees may occur.

** Due to technical restrictions it is unfortunately impossible to entirely translate our online store's content.

In case of questions and uncertainties our competent team will gladly support you.


Simply Contact Us!

Purchasing shipping boxes

You prefer to arrange the shipping yourself but you are still looking for adequate shipping boxes for your car wheels, car tires or car rims? No problem! Even here YURA will support you. In our online-store you have the option to purchase adequate packaging materials separately. We ship the materials to your home. Here you can find further information.


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