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How do you start?

Here you have the opportunity to trade-in your old or new car wheels, complete tires or rims fast and conveniently online*.
Our support team will handle your request fast and competently. Please fill in the Trade-In form as far as possible.



The more numerous and more detailed your information is, the faster and more precise we can be with the pricing.


*at the moment only available for customers with a residence in Germany or customers who are willing to deliver their items personally


 As soon as the pricing calculation is finished you will receive an offer without obligation und free of charge.

How do you proceed after the offer?

If you find our offer appealling, you can deliver the items personally after scheduling a delivery, or you can ship them to our adress.**  We will ship all the necessary packaging materials to you free of charge.** You only need to pay the costs for the item's shipping.** We will gladly advice you regarding to the shipping of you car wheels, complete tires or rims. As soon as the item's arrive at our company, we will check, if their condition matches the description we received before. If everything is O.K., you will receive your paymant as agreed. In case of discrepancies between the item's description and it's condition, we will contact you and make it our effort to find a satisfying solution for both parties.

Here are a few tips, which might help you to fill in the form:

The size of the tire or rim
This specification correlates (almost) always with the pattern  R XY, in which XY stands for the diameter in inch. In the example above the rim and the tire are 18 inch in diameter.

Width and height of the tire

This specification always correlates with the pattern YYY/ZZ. YYY indicates the tire's width,  while ZZ indicates the height as a percental value of the width in millimeters. In the example above the tire is 23,5 cm wide and 9,4 cm high (235 x 40 / 100).

DOT number

DOT stands for Department Of Transportation.

The DOT number consits always of four numbers and correlates with the pattern ABXYAB indicates the calender week, while  XY indicates the year, in which the tire has been manufactured. In the example above the tire has been manufactured in the 28th week of the year 2016.

Please fill in the Trade-In form as completely as possible. Irrelevant fields can be  skipped.

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.


Ausschließlich nach Terminvereinbarung



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