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YURA standards - Packaging

Each item is being packed and padded in a rigid rectangular cardboard box.
Sensitive parts and surfaces are protected with additional padding.

YURA standards - Tread depth *

Winter tyres as well as All Season tyres  with a tread depth of min. 8,0mm are defined as "Intact" or "100%".
Summer Tyres with a tread depth of min. 7,5mm are defined as "Intact" or "100%
". In relation to those definitions the percentage values for the tread wear are calculated.
Please keep in mind that due to the nature of the tread of preowned tyres, we need to allow measuring tolerances of
± 0.3mm.

Below the legal* threshold of 1,6mm (§ 36 StVZO) the tread depth is declared as "defective" or "worn out". Tread conditions, which differ from the usual wear are explicitly described further.

* The Basis of assessment refers to the german law.
   Prior to the purchase please make sure that the item specifications comply with your local law.

Translation of an excerpt from the german Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung (StVZO):

§36 Tyres and Tread

"(2) The main tread must have a depth of min. 1,6mm on the whole tyre circumference; the main tread is defined as the broad tread creasings in the middle area of the tread, which occupates approx. 3/4 of the whole tread width.


The original excerpt

§36 Bereifung und Laufflächen

"(2) Das Hauptprofil muss am ganzen Umfang eine Profiltiefe von mindestens 1,6 mm aufweisen; als Hauptprofil gelten dabei die breiten Profilrillen im mittleren Bereich der Lauffläche, der etwa 3/4 der Laufflächenbreite einnimmt."1

1StVZO, §36 Bereifung und Laufflächen Absatz 2, Rechtsstand: 22.03.2019

YURA standards - Traces of use 

Each item unit is photographed entirely from a disctance of approx. 100cm for an "overview" picture. In case the unit shows traces of use or damage, which may not be able to be seen on the "overview" photo, an additional "detail" photo will show significant or representative areas of the item. If such a photo exists, it always is next after the "overview" photo. Traces of use, which are to be expected or too insignificant to be shown on a picture are classified as "regular" traces of use and do not need futher attention.

It is essential to understand the complete item information as a a combination of the entire written description as well as all the pictures.

The items are cleaned only on the surfaces, which are vital for the pictures. The inner parts are only cleaned partialy to get the technical specifications. The items are photographed, stored, packed and shipped in exactly that condition. There is no additional cleaning.

YURA standards - Conditions

Regardless of eBay own specifications items are categorized in several types of conditions .

New or Brand new
A completely new item, which has neither been used or even mounted.

New - Dissassembly / Exhibition
A new item, which has already been mounted on a vehicle and possibly used for a short distance. However there are no visual differencs to a Brand new item.

New - Storage blemishes
A new item, which possibly was already mounted on a vehicle but was only used for a short distance or not  used at all. However the item may show traces of incorrect storaging or prodution flaws such as minor sigle scratches or other defects in the painting among others.

New - Transport / Transfer
An item, which was already mounted on a vehicle and used to trasfer said vehicle over a distance of max. 150km. However the rims must show no traces of use and the tyres must have the intact tread depth.


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